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Bonds were made in the UK in Preston, Lancashire. Originally know as Sharps Commercials, Bond started out making 3 wheeled aluminium bodied cars in the post war era of the late 40's based on designs by Laurie Bond. The first model, the Bond Minicar Mk A in 1948, led to a succession of Villiers 2 stroke powered Bond Minicars up until the mid 60's ending with the Mk G model. 3 wheeler production progressed to the fibreglass bodied Bond 875 during the 1960's powered by the Hillman Imp engine. Bond also expanded in to 4 wheeled cars with the Bond Equipe. This was built on the mechanicals of the Triumph herald and Vitesse ranges with a Bond designed and built fibreglass body. Bond also ventured into 2 wheels with the bond Scooter and boats with the Sea ranger and the Bond power Ski. The Bond company disappeared in 1970 when it was sold to Reliant who produced the short lived Bond bug after which the Bond name became history.


My 1957 MkD Family

I own 2 Bonds. The first is a 1957 Bond Minicar Mk D Family Deluxe model (left) which I have owned since 1986. The family model has two small  inward facing rear seats. The deluxe is signified by the front bumpers chromes strips and electric start. This is powered by a 197cc Villiers 9E 2 stroke engine. It drives the single front wheel through a chain drive and 3 speed gearbox with no reverse facility, though some later models also had a reverse facility. I brought the car as a shell and boxes of bits and restored it over 12 months. For more info on Minicars click on the button below.

My second Bond is a much different beast. It is an 1969 Equipe 2 litre GT Mk2 (right). This car is built on the chassis and running gear of a Mk2 Triumph Vitesse. The engine is a 6 cylinder 2 litre Triumph unit as in the Vitesse driving the rear wheels through a 4 speed gearbox with overdrive. The body uses Triumph floor pans, modified bulkhead and modified doors. The rear upper body and nose is a fibre glass design made by Bond. I hvae owned this car since 1996. It was acquired as a restored running vehicle but has had a further respray and engine rebuild since then. For more info on Equipes click on the button below.